Ordering and Prices

Custom Order Process

After deciding together what kind of bicycle we will make, the first thing to do is to find your body measurements or bike-fit, which we will use to create your special geometry. You can come to the workshop for dimensioning or you can get help from a place that provides professional bike-fit service. If you are far from Istanbul and it will be difficult for you to come to the workshop, we can also work on the measurements of a bicycle that you are satisfied with its position and geometry. You will be able to take the measurements that are important for the design on your bicycle using a form I will send you.

After the dimensioning works are completed, the geometry and the design of the frame constitute the next process. According to the dimensioning, I make the most ideal design for you and we finalize it with your feedback. During the design, details such as the types of pipes we will use, pipe diameters and wall thicknesses are determined.  After the geometry is determined, the color and pattern studies of the bicycle are made in the computer environment.

After the final product is presented for your approval, production starts.

Before the production, a deposit is taken over the determined price (1/3).  The remaining part is paid upon completion of the order.

* You can make your payments by cash or credit card.( credit card +3% commission )

*Order delivery times are determined by the current production order.

* If you order as a complete bicycle, separate pricing is made for the groupset and other equipment you choose and the equipment is paid in full in advance.

* If you cancel your order, your deposit will be 100% refunded within 2 weeks, after 2 weeks a 15% deduction will be made. After the 4th week or after the dimensioning and geometry design, the deposit will not be refunded.

Custom Titanium Frames

Custom Steel Frames

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